Why should I prune my trees?

It is quite a common thing to hear that when individuals start looking at pruning their trees, it is usually in response to issues that they have noticed with the trees on their property. Regular maintenance and proper care can actually reinforce the health and growth of the tree. The wise choice is always to care for the tree before you start to notice issues.

If you thin out the tree, it can actually help fend off insects that are drawn to dead limbs and branches, and promote growth by removing tangled areas that can’t grow due to crowding. If this tree produces flowers or fruit during certain seasons of the year, pruning and proper care can yield a larger crop during the production season of the tree. The lack of dead branches actually encourages the flowers or fruit to ripen at a faster rate, essentially improving the output of the tree.

We sometimes see tree pruning questions arise when a tree is impeding on the surrounding area of a neighboring property or building. The tree then gives the property an unkempt appearance that could have been avoided with proper care.

If you feel that you have a tree on your property that needs pruning and proper care, or might have an issue, and you are in the southern Wisconsin area, we are located in Janesville, Wisconsin, give us a call. We would be happy to help you with diagnosis on proper care for your trees.