How do Japanese Beetles affect my trees?

The Japanese Beetle is one of the most common pests of recent times that is affecting the foliage in the southern Wisconsin region, and it is pertinent to effectively apply curative control before the infestation spreads.

The beetles tend emerge in June and last through August, while starting to feed on the upper canopy of the tree. They also prefer species like Birch, ash, and crabapple. These pests affect the tree by modifying the flow of the water and the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. When they feed on and compromise the individual leaves, the trees ability to perform the important task of photosynthesis is greatly impacted. While one season of this activity may not greatly impact your tree, multiple seasons could possibly be fatal. Like any other pest, it’s best to catch an active infestation early to curb the damage that spreads on the tree, or surrounding trees on your lot.

Recovery of the tree is possible with the proper treatments applied. If you feel your tree may be affected, feel free to reach out to LP Tree service, and we can have one of our certified arborists give a diagnosis.