How does Oak Wilt affect trees in Southern Wisconsin?

Oak wilt is a troublesome disease that can be a problem for homeowners. It is caused by a fungus that can affect most species of oak trees in the Southern Wisconsin region. Oak wilt will attack the vascular system of the tree, and affects the nutrient distribution. This tends to result in dead branches, and eventually affecting the entire tree, if it is not properly treated.

It can be difficult to spot oak wilt in it’s early stages, but with proper maintenance and care of your foliage, it is possible to save the tree, usually if it is a white oak. Some common signs to look out for would be beetles that feed on the fungus the tree produces after being infected with the disease. Other signs include, bronzing or a brown-tinted canopy of the tree. Red oaks have less success, and usually have to be taken down after becoming infected.

If you notice these common signs of disease in the oak trees on your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to LP tree service, and we would be happy to have one of our certified arborists help give a diagnosis on your tree.