What Is Bronze Birch Borer?

The white birch tree is a common species of tree in the southern Wisconsin area. The bronze birch borer tends to prey on unkempt white birch by feeding and reproducing on the vascular portion of the tree.

A common sign to watch for is thinning or wilting of the foliage on the top of the canopy, and disease treatment should be applied in order to properly reverse the toll of the disease. The bronze birch borer tends to be attracted to trees that seem to be suffering from stress, but can be reversed with the proper treatment of nutrients if caught at an early stage of infestation.

If you have birch trees on your property, and feel they could be suffering from bronze birch borer, don’t hesitate to give LP Tree Service a call, and we would love to have one of our certified arborists give you a diagnosis on the proper care and treatment for your tree.