What is Two-Lined Chestnut-Borer?

Two-lined chestnut borer is an insect that tends to attack Oak and Chestnut trees in the southern Wisconsin area. This insect will attack under the bark of the tree, and disrupt the ability for the tree to receive the necessary nutrients to remain healthy.

This disease causes discoloring at the end of the branches, as well as branch death. A healthy tree will not attract the two-lined chestnut borer, and could possibly have the ability to fight them off. Keeping healthy trees on your property is key to the prevention of this disease, as they tend to spread to the surrounding trees in the area.

These beatles tend to appear around the months of may and July, and it's best to take action before the infection spreads to foliage in the surrounding area of your property. An infection can be spotted by patches of dead, wilted, and miscolored leaves, while the surrounding leaves on the tree remain green. After the infection targets the leaves, the branches are soon to follow.

It is possible to save trees that are infected with two-lined chestnut borer. If you feel your tree may be affected, feel free to reach out to LP Tree service, and we can have one of our certified arborists for a a consultation or diagnosis.