We. Know. Tree. Care.

LP Tree Service has been a family-owned and operated tree care service in Janesville, Wisconsin for three generations. Safe and professional tree care is what we've always done, and no job is too big.

What Does LP Tree Service Offer?

Tree Removal

While our mission is to save trees, we are the forerunner of the local industry. Our equipment, knowlege, and experience for tree removal is unmatched.

Stump Removal

Complete removal of the stump is important. Unlike many in the industry, we make certain your stumps are removed for a lasting and permanent effect.

Snow and Ice

We offer commercial snow removal, snow disposal, and ice control contract services during the cold winter months in southern Wisconsin.

Lightning Protection

We have options to disperse the electrical charge of a lightning strike to the earth, while protecting your historic and irreplaceable trees.


Pruning is the first step to maintaining healthy trees, and is recommended every 3 to 5 years. Our Arborists are eager to speak with you regarding this.


Cabling services are often available to help support and save previously damaged trees. Our arborist can tell you if your tree is a candidate for cabling.

Large Log Handling

Our team is equipped with the latest equipment, and is always ready to handle the largest of logs, up to four tons in a safe, efficient manner.

Land Clearing

Land clearing services are available. We have equipment for mechanized felling, whole tree chippers, and a variety of specialized equipment for these tasks.

Firewood and Mulch

Firewood and 100% organic double, and triple ground mulch is available. We recycle 98% of all materials generated from our arboricultural services.

The History of LP Tree Service

LP Tree service was founded in June of 1958, by Paul and Leona Ranum. It was started with a pickup truck, one rope, and one chainsaw. Paul operated the business for thirty five years before retirement.

In 1993, the two youngest sons Chris and Curt assumed operations of the company, and in 2003 added the third generation of tree care, with the addition of Jon Ranum (Chris’s son). In May of 2007, Chris took over 100 percent interest in L P Tree, & now runs the company. Since its conception L P Tree Service has grown to become the largest tree care firm in Rock County.

In the peak season the company employs as many as 9 staff members, and an equipment schedule of 2 aerial lifts, a whole tree chipper, a log truck, skid loaders, a 20” tree shear, stump grinders, dump trucks, and numerous pieces of additional equipment. The headquarters are located on two acres in Harmony Township, and is housed in a 5000 square foot office and maintenance building

In 2002 the firms desire to offer the best possible solutions for tree care became obvious when Chris attained the Certified Arborist status from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). To maintain this certification the individual must accrue a prescribed amount of hours of continuing educational classes each year, which is helpful in assuring the client their arborist, and his knowledge is as current and informed as possible.